Off-Page SEO Tips to Help You Rank Your Website!

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SEO off-page tips
5 Tips for Off-Page SEO Optimization


As most of you may already know, SEO (search engine optimization) is an essential part of getting your website out there and known. However, in order to achieve this, you must do SEO in the correct way. Most website owners are aware of SEO and have probably already done some on-page SEO, which is great and it does help. However, off-page search engine optimization is where the real power comes from and this is what will make your site rank for the top keywords. Note, this does not mean that on-page SEO is not important, it is one of those things that don’t make much difference but without it, you will not rank (hope that makes sense). Essentially, it is important to focus on both on-page and off-page optimization for your website.

As this article is aimed at website owners who have already optimized their sites for on-page SEO, I will give you 5 tips on doing off-page SEO.

Social Media Sites: Social network sites are an absolute must when it comes to any type of advertising, whether you are doing SEO or not, anyone who does not have a social media page for their website is missing out on huge advertising potential and traffic. When doing SEO, not only does social media help build your brand name, it also ranks you for your brand name. Honestly, try creating 20 social media profiles and add links back to your site and watch it how quickly you will rank for all types of variations of your brand name. Social media is a super easy way to build your brand, rank for your brand name and build a good reputation.

Start Blogging: As an SEO expert, you will have to start blogging and creating quality, readable content. Blogging allows you to promote your services to your readers but also perform SEO on your main site. This is through backlinks. Yes, backlinks are the most important and most effective SEO technique out there and must be adopted when optimizing your site for SEO. Just in case you don’t know, backlinks are basically hyperlinks (just links) to the site you want to rank. Make sure you get links like this from very well known websites like Forbes, IGN and so on as these are much more powerful than a site you made yourself.

Forum Marketing: This can be another powerful way of adding authority to your site and therefore making it rank higher. Forums, just like social media is a great way to allow other people to interact with the content you offer and Google absolutely loves this and will, therefore, reward you for it. By ranking your site higher. Make sure you post on ‘Do-Follow’ forums as this allows Google to follow the links to the website you want to rank, adding the power to your site.

Article Submission: This is similar to forum marketing but it is a bit more effective, but it is more time consuming. Here you write full articles and publish them onto other people’s sites. Again, it would be wise to publish them onto websites which are well known and have a lot of power as well as high authority. This will make your off-page SEO better and make your site rank higher for your target keyword.

Photo Sharing: Lastly, this off-page SEO technique is also quite powerful, but only if you do it right. Photo sharing sites are becoming more and more popular and we as SEO experts can use this to our advantage to gain more traffic. Sharing your pictures on sites like Instagram, Picasa, Photo Bucket and so on will give you more publicity and build your reputation. Again, it is a good way to get links back to your site and have people engaging with your content.

Now all the above can take up a lot of your time. Time is the most valuable thing in this world and being a website owner, I can imagine you do not have a lot of spare time on your hands to do SEO to your site. Writing articles, posting on forums, creating social profiles and adding backlinks takes up a lot of time. Luckily, there are many SEO agencies out there which can do all this for you, allowing your to focus on what is important – your business. Here is a consultant which you can contact to get a free website analysis. Specializing in London SEO, the consultant can rank any website effectively on page 1 of Google, driving more traffic to your site, increasing your revenue.